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Kasten, Madeleine J.A.

Madeleine Kasten is Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at Leiden University.
The Netherlands, where she teaches comparative literature, literary theory, and cutural analysis. She is affilatet to the Leiden University Centre of the Arts in Society (LUCAS). She wrote a dissertation in medieval entitled "In Search of Kynde Knowynge: Piers Plowman and the Origin of Allegory" (Amsterdam an New York: Rhodopi 2007), for which she drew inspiration from Walter Benjamin's work on the baroque "Trauerspiel" and the philosophy of language. In addition, she has published on Voltaire, literary translation, and children's literature. Together with Herman Paul and Rico Snellershe edited a bilingual volume on the critical afterlife of Hans-Georg Gadamer's "Truth an Method (Hermeneutics and the Humanities - Hermaneutik und Geisteswissenschaften". Leiden: Leiden University Press, 2012). She is chair of the Dutch Jan van Luxemburg Programme for the promotion of the pleasure of reading ( For her professional profile and more publications see her homepage.

E-Mail: m.j.a.kasten(at)

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herausgegeben zusammen mit Rico Sneller und Gerard Visser
Benjamin's Figures
Dialogues on the Vocation of the Humanities
Band 65 der Schriftenreihe: libri nigri
Nordhausen 2009