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Simonic, Barbara

BARBARA SIMONIC (born 1975) is an assistant professor (docent) at Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (master program Marital and Family Studies). She is also Marital and Family therapist at Franciscan Family Institute in Ljubljana, where she works as a researcher, supervisor and psychotherapist with individuals, couples and families. Research: theology; relational psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Publications: Book: Empatija [Empathy], Ljubljana 2010. Articles in Bogoslovni vestnik (Theological Quarterly), Anthropos, Journal of Family Psychotherapy, Illinois Child Welfare, Kairos, Bogoslovska smotra (Ephemerides Theologicae Zagrabienses). Conferences: »Are values based on relationships?« (conference Person and Good, Celje 2005); »Empathy as a way to other person and to ourselves« (international philosophical symposium Dialog or how to overcome clashes of our civilization, Celje 2007); »The untamable force of the affect : trauma of infidelity« (international conference of International association for relational psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, Athens 2007); »Abuse of religion as the legitimization for emotional violence« (congress of International Association of Couple and Family Psychoanalysis, Barcelona 2008); »The science of the empathy : the importance of empathy in today's world« (international philosophical symposium Peaceful and sustainable dialog after selfish Prometheus, Celje 2010).

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