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Teryngerová, Veronika

Veronika Teryngerová obtained her M.A. in 2006 majoring in Sinology at the Institute of East Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague. She has been a teacher of Colloquial Chinese at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague ever since, and in 2014 she embarked on doctoral studies at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts at the same university, in the major of Theory and History of Asian and African Literatures. She is focusing on Han Han’s satiric novels with respect to preceding tradition of narrative satire in 20th century China. Her aim is to analyze the literary output of this author, but at the same time study the work of the preceding Chinese satirists and see which literary features link him to his predecessors and which are unique and time-specific, thus to track the development of satiric mode in modern China and shed light on its latest forms of expression.


zusammen mit Hans Rainer Sepp
Ethics in Politics?
Band 69 der Schriftenreihe: libri nigri
Nordhausen 2018