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Galle, Griet

Prof. Dr. Griet Galle is a member of the board of vefo. She has a doctoral degree in philosophy, with a specialization in medieval natural philosophy. She is assistant professor at the Institute of Philosophy of KU Leuven, where she teaches research skills and is responsible for the philosophical skills learning pathway. In the Teacher’s Education in Social Sciences and Philosophy, she teaches didactics in philosophy and is coordinator of the course ‘Philosophizing with Children and Adolescents’.


The objectives and initiatives of VEFO, the Flemish Network for Contemporary Philosophy Education,
Seite 150-172, in: Gabriele Münnix, Natascha Kienstra, Bernd Rolf (Hrsg.)
Identité - Identität - Identity
Europa Forum PHILOSOPHIE bulletin 68
Nordhausen 2019