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Mensch, James

James Mensch is Professor of Philosophy at Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada.
His main areas of research are phenomenology and its contemporary applications. He has lectured widely both in America and Europe and serves on a number of editorial and research boards.
Mensch is the author of ten books. Seven have to do with phenomenology and its applications.
They are: Husserl’s Account of our Consciousness of Time, 2010;
Hiddenness and Alterity, 2005;
Ethics and Selfhood, 2003;
Postfoundational Phenomenology, 2001;
After Modernity, 1996;
Intersubjectivity and Transcendental Idealism, 1980, and
The Question of Being in Husserl’s Logical Investigations, 1981.
He has also published Embodiments: From the Body to the Body Politic, 2009, which analysis how our embodiment shapes our political and social structures,
Knowing and Being, 1996, a work on the relation of epistemology to ontology, and
The Beginning of the Gospel of St. John, 1992, a study in the hermeneutics of religion.

E-Mail: james.mensch[a]


The Intertwining of Generations: Merleau-Ponty's Chiasm as a Paradigm for
Understanding Intergenerational Relations

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In statu nascendi
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Rethinking Subjectivity as an Environmental Concept
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Kontexte des Leiblichen
Mit Fotografien aus der Serie Earthscape von Chan-Fai Cheung
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My Way into Phenomenology
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Lebendigkeit der Phänomenologie - Vitality of Phenomenology
Band 70 der Schriftenreihe: libri nigri
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