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Monticelli, Roberta De

Roberta De Monticelli has been Full Professor of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Geneva, Switzerland (1989-2004), and is currently Full Professor for Philosophy of Personhood at San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy. She is Director of PERSONA (Research Centre in Phenomenology and Sciences of the Person) and Chief Editor of “Phenomenology and Mind” – The Online Journal of the Faculty of Philosophy, San Raffaele University. Her recent books include This Side of Good and Evil – Prolegomena to a Phenomenological Axiology (Italian Edition Einaudi 2015, English Edition under translation, forthcoming 2018), Il dono dei vincoli,- Per leggere Husserl (2018), Sull’idea di rinnovamento (2013), La questione civile (2011) and La questione morale (2010).


On Values and Value Conflict
The Phenomenological Foundation of Universalism
, Seite 355-368,
in: Christopher Gutland, Xiaogang Yang, Wei Zhang (Hrsg.)
Scheler und das asiatische Denken im Weltalter des Ausgleichs
Nordhausen 2019