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Botley, Paul

Paul Botley is Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Literature at the University of Warwick. He studied at the Universities of Reading (BA), York (MA) and Cambridge (PhD). He has held research fellowships at Cambridge University Library, at the University of Bristol, and at Imperial College, London. He was a research fellow at the Warburg Institute, London, for seven years before moving to Warwick.

Dr Botley's research examines the transmission of ideas from Antiquity to the Renaissance. His earliest work, and his first two books, focussed on Byzantine and Italian literature of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. His current research centres on the nothern European renaissance of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and on networks of correspondence. In this field, he has published the letters of Joseph Scaliger (8 vols, 2012), Richard Thomson (2016), and Isaac Casaubon (4 vols, 2018). He is currently working on the correspondence of Johannes Woverius of Hamburg (2 vols).

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Thomson, Richard 'Dutch'(c.1569-1613)