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Davies, Eloise

Acadamic biography:

Eloise Davies is a historian of religion and politics in the early modern period. She is completing a PhD at Peterhouse, University of Cambridge, where she also studied for a BA (History, 2016) and MPhil (Political Thought and Intellectual History, 2017). Her doctoral research investigates intellectual connections between England and Venice in the seventeenth century, with a particular focus on anti-papal political thought. Previous research projects included work on blasphemy legislation in 1690s England, the reception of Augustine amongst Florentine humanists and the significance of Catherine of Siena as a political thinker.
- Eloise Davies, ‘English politics and the Blasphemy Act of 1698’, English Historical Review, August 2020 
- Eloise Davies, ‘Catherine of Siena: a Dominican political thinker in fourteenth-century Tuscany’, Renaissance Studies, forthcoming (available online via Early View)

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