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Cheng, Chung-ying

Chung-ying-Cheng is Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Selection of publications: New Dimensions of Confucian & Neo-Confucian Philosophy (1991); A Treatise on Confucian Philosophy: The Way of Uniting the Outer and the Inner (2001); Contemporary Chinese Philosophy, ed. with Nicholas Bunnin (2002).


zusammen mit Christian Krijnen
Philosophical Methodology in Classical Chinese and German Philosophy
Weltphilosophien im Gespräch Band 16
Nordhausen 2021


Creative Ontology of Interpretation. How to Understand Identity,
Difference, and Harmony in Chinese Philosophy?
Seite 169-188,
in: Claudia Bickmann (†), Michael Spieker (Hrsg.)
Foundations of Reason and Morality
Weltphilosophien im Gespräch Band 15
Nordhausen 2020