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Yi, Guo

Guo Yi is Professor of Philosophy at the Seoul National University, Korea. Selection of publications: The Guodian bamboo manuscripts and pre-Qin academic thought (2001); The Way of China and the Reconstruction of Confucianism (2013); Metaphysical Foundations of Knowledge and Ethics in Chinese and European Philosophy, ed. with Sasa Josifovic and Asuman Lätzer-Lasar (2013).


The Chinese Beliefs and Chinese Values, Seite 21-40,
in: Claudia Bickmann (†), Michael Spieker (Hrsg.)
Foundations of Reason and Morality
Weltphilosophien im Gespräch Band 15
Nordhausen 2020

Writings and the Ways of Thinking: An Origin of the Difference
between Chinese and Western Philosophy,
Seite 69-80,
in: Christian Krijnen & Chung-ying Cheng (eds.)
Philosophical Methodology in Classical Chinese and German Philosophy
Weltphilosophien im Gespräch Band 16
Nordhausen 2021