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McCormick, Peter J.

Peter McCormick, a Canadian and French citizen working in Paris mainly in contemporary philosophical ethics, social and political philosophy, and in the philosophy of art, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Permanent Member of the Institut internationale de philosophie in Paris, and Doctor honoris in Philosophy of the University of Athens. Formerly Professor of Philosophy at the University of Ottawa and a former Fulbight Scholar and Humboldt Fellow, he is Fürst Franz-Josef and Fürstin Gina Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy of the Internationale Akademie für Philosophie im Fürstentum Liechtestein."

E-Mail: pjmccormick[at]


Blindly Seeing
Essays in Ethics: Discourses, Sayings, Sufferings
Band 63 der Schriftenreihe: libri nigri
Nordhausen 2017


In Times like These
Essays in Ethics: Situations, Resources, Issues
Band 64 der Schriftenreihe: libri nigri
Nordhausen 2017