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Scapini, Marianna

Marianna Scapini. "Over the past decade, through my classical studies' based school, degree, Master's and PhD. I have undertaken careful investigations into Greek and Roman history, civilization and art.
For my university degree, I discussed a thesis on Greek Philology, while for my two year master's course, (Laurea Specialistica in Scienze dell’Antichità, classe 93/s), I presented a thesis in Greek and Roman history entitled: “Temi greci e citazioni erodotee nelle storie di Roma arcaica”. These projects have led to a recent publication in Germany (Ed. Traugott Bautz, Nordhausen 2011).
My PhD research project concerned the political aspects of initiation rites for women in the Roman world between the Late Republic and the end of the first century A. D. This work has since been selected as one of the three finalists of the "Fernando Gascó” prize, promoted by the Association ARYS (Antigüedad: Religiones y Sociedades).
During my PhD I also had the opportunity to investigate the relationship between ancient art and ancient Greek and Roman cults and religious propaganda. In particular I concentrated on the connection between power and religion in the Graeco-Roman world, dealing with literary and material sources including coins, epigraphy, and iconography.
Under the supervision of Professor Attilio Mastrocinque, full professor of Roman History at the University of Verona, I have also been part of numerous researches into Roman archeology. I have paid particular attention to the field of artifacts - thanks to my ongoing participation in the excavations at the Roman site of Grumentum, Basilicata, Italy, led by Professor Mastrocinque himself".

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Classica et Mediaevalia, Band 4
Nordhausen 2011