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Lu, Yinghua

Yinghua Lu, PhD in Philosophy from Southern Illinois University. He is currently an associate professor in the philosophy department of Zhejiang Gongshang University, and lectures on Philosophy to international students of the Law School. His research focus is Chinese Philosophy and Comparative Philosophy, and he also explores academic resources of Contemporary New-Confucianism, Ethics, Phenomenology, Psychology and Psychoanalysis, and Overseas Chinese Philosophy, with special attention to questions of the heart-mind, emotion, consciousness and value. He has published several English, Chinese and translation articles in Continental Philosophy Review, Philosophy East and West, International Philosophical Quarterly, Asian Philosophy, History of Chinese Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Zhejiang Academic Journal etc.


Ressentiment and the Obscuration of Pure Knowing (Liang Zhi), Seite 184-199,
in: Christopher Gutland, Xiaogang Yang, Wei Zhang (Hrsg.)
Scheler und das asiatische Denken im Weltalter des Ausgleichs
Nordhausen 2019