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Li, Jing

Jing Li is currently a post-doc research fellow in the department of philosophy at Sun Yat-sen University. He’s now doing some cross-discipline research work between phenomenology and religious studies, especially applying the methodology of phenomenology to solve some concrete religious problems. He has published articles such as “Max Scheler on the Catholic Church’s Tasks after the WWI”, “The Phenomenological Perspective of the Catholic Nouvelle Théologie” and “Sadness and Sorrow: Max Scheler’s Phenomenological Understanding of the Sympathetic Behavior of St. Francis”.


Equality, Ethos, and Aristocratism - Max Scheler on Christian Democracy
Seite 243-256, in: Christopher Gutland, Xiaogang Yang, Wei Zhang (Hrsg.)
Scheler und das asiatische Denken im Weltalter des Ausgleichs
Nordhausen 2019