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Claffey, Patrick

Dr Patrick Claffey lectures in World Religions at Trinity College Dublin.  He teaches modules on Christianity in Asia and Africa, the Dharmic Religions and the manifestations of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism in the world today.  He has travelled widely in Africa and Asia where he continues his research. His publications include Christian Churches in Dahomey-Benin: A Study of their Socio-political role (Brill-Leiden 2007), Movement or Moment: Assessing Liberation Theology Forty Years of Medellin,  (ed. with Joe Egan), Oxford: Lang,  2009,  Broken Faith: Why Hope Matters, (ed. with Joe Egan), Oxford: Lang,  2013, Atlantic Tabor: The Pilgrims of Croagh Patrick,(photographs Thomas Bereska and Tomasz Szustek), Dublin LIffey Press, 2016

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online edition only (February 2019) in English/ Freeman, Thomas Birch (1809-1890)