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Matrangolo, Saverio A.

Saverio Alessandro Matrangolo held a Ph. D. in Anthropology and Epistemology of Complexity at the University of Bergamo where he also worked as a Research Fellow in Political and Moral Philosophy. In the last few years, he spent several periods of research as Visiting Fellow at the Archiv Jana Patočky – CTS in Prague. He is an expert on Jan Patočka’s philosophy. He published various essays on Patočka, and he also translated from Czech to Italian some of his works: Prostor a jeho problematika, Space and its issues (Milan: Mimesis 2014), and a collection of essays titled The care for the soul (Naples-Salerno: Orthotes 2019).

E-Mail: saverio.matrangolo[a]


The Problematic Evidence of the World:
Jan Patočka between Phenomenology and Intuitive Realism,

Seite 225-240, in: Karel Novotný & Cathrin Nielsen (Hrsg.)
Die Welt und das Reale - The World and the Real - Le monde et le réel
libri nigri, Band 78
Nordhausen 2020