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Yong, Huang

Huang Yong is Professor of Philosophy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Selection of publications: Rorty, Prag- matism, and Confucianism: With Responses by Richard Rorty (edited with an “Introduction” and a contributing essay) (2009); Confucius: Guide for the Perplexed (2013); Why Be Moral? Learning from the Neo-Confucian Cheng Brothers (2014).


How to Do Chinese Philosophy in a Western Philosophical Context:
Introducing a Unique Approach to Chinese Philosophy,
Seite 141-180,
in: Christian Krijnen & Chung-ying Cheng (eds.)
Philosophical Methodology in Classical Chinese and German Philosophy
Weltphilosophien im Gespräch Band 16
Nordhausen 2021